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Eicher 1110 is a light duty truck
Light Commercial Truck
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LCV i.e. light commercial vehicle
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8 ton payload truck
Eicher Truck

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Light Commercial Truck
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EICHER 11.10


The Eicher 11.10 has an unbeatable lead in RATED PAYLOAD with respect to other similar GVW vehicles. It also offers highest mileage in its category and longer cargo body option (20 ft) for volume load applications. The Eicher 11.10 remains "The Best Selling- Value for Money Truck" for owners on strength of its high mileage, highest rated payload, efficient turnaround and low maintenance.

Eicher 11.10 comes with E2 Plus features.E2 Plus’ is a series of light and medium duty trucks launched by Eicher Trucks and Buses. The E2 Plus series of light duty trucks are a result of Eicher’s regular effort to improvise their products to provide more value and extra benefits to their customers. The Eicher ‘E2 series’ provide you the advantage of increased fuel efficiency over competitors, lesser gear shifts, faster turnaround time, more pulling power and better driving comfort, therefore the Eicher 11.10 is recognized as ‘Mileage ka Badshah’ in the commercial vehicle industry.


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Eicher 11.10 now comes with a host of exciting features in all new avatar of E2 Plus.

Light Truck

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  • 8 ton payload truck (GFSD).
  • Highest mileage in its category.
  • Heavy duty front and rear axle.
  • Strong straight ladder type chassis.
  • Full air brakes S-cam roller follower type.
  • Large capacity RHS intake air filters for enhanced engine life.
  • Reinforced cabin for enhanced safety.
  • Larger loading area with option of 20 feet long cargo body for light load applications.
  • Straddle mounted differential and large crown wheel and pinion for higher load carrying capacity and longer life.
  • Three (3) labour free services.
  • Available in Cabin and Chassis, Fixed Side Desk, Split Drop Side Deck, High Side Desk, Aluminium Container Van.
  • Plus the Eicher Advantages of Low Maintenance Cost and Driving Comfort.

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